Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Book...Day 3 and 4

So sadly we did not get to all 5 days of activities that I had planned.  The 100th day cramped my plans but still so proud that I got 4 days in!  I have to say, this style of teaching is so exciting and engaging.  I look forward to helping our district implement moving away from basal instruction and heading in this direction, if all goes to plan.

Day 3...We reviewed the parts of the book and yes we actually took the large Post Its off and read the book.  The students had 3 options while we read the book:  1) listen     2) read with me     3) read it in their head.
I was surprised to hear a few students actually reading with me since this was our first time doing this activity.  Yay!  I had picked out 3 vocabulary words that we would discuss with the reading of the book.  The 3 words I picked were spyhopping, breaching, and spouting.  The students did a great job of picking the words out for me, even though they were the ones I had planned on using.  When we pick out vocabulary words we come up with a definition, a motion to help us remember the word, and use the word in multiple sentences.  We then add the word to our Words to Treasure wall. (A picture of this wall can be found in the classroom tour of 1st grade)  Anytime someone uses a word to treasure, the class gets up and does our motion that we created for that word.  This also become a nice quick brain break for the students.

Day 4...Our purpose for reading today was to recall facts from the book and record them on our chart, Whales...Have, Can, Are.

We did add Humpback to the top of the chart since that is the only whale the book talks about.  We were running short on time so I would read a page and have students tell me what I needed to record on our chart. When they told me the fact, they had to tell me where it went on our chart too.  Next time I do this activity I will have students use Post-Its or Wikki Sticks to mark the facts in the book.

My day 5 activity was to have students write a paragraph about the Humpback.  We have been practicing how to write a good paragraph so this is a great way to see what they remember about the parts of a  paragraph.  I still plan on doing this activity next week.  :)  


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