Tour Sarah's 1st Grade Classroom

Our character theme this year is a beach theme.  I use my Cricut to cut out these adorable items.

More pics to come soon!

Dive Into Good Character
The shells have the character traits on them.  The diver holds the trait for the month.

Words to Treasure

This is our ongoing vocabulary wall.  As we do Read Alouds, we pick out new words that we learned to add to our wall.  We make up a motion to help us remember the word, use the word in a sentence, and come up with a definition for the word.  

Catchin Words

This is our word wall.
Can you tell the kids use it a lot?
All of the fish letters and words have magnets on them so the students can manipulate them.

Star Students

This is our job chart.

Fishing For Compliments

We get to add a fish to the bucket each time someone in the building compliments us for doing the right thing in the hallway or classroom.  We get lots of compliments for walking around the building quietly and in a straight line.

Birthday Beach

So I thought it would be cute and fun to hang it on the bottom part of our door this year.  Boy was I wrong because it has become so beat up.

Hooked on Reading Counts

My kids are motivated to try and get their name on one of the top three fish, top 3 students with the highest points.  They love earning points and trying to earn different rewards.  They can read books at school or home to take quizzes on.  I also added another fish to recognize students who try really hard to earn points.