Thursday, August 23, 2012

WOW...9 days into the year

So...sorry for being absent from the blog for a few months.  We both have had a lot going on in our lives and had to cut a few things out to make life more bearable.  Anyway, we are back into the swing of things and have galloped into the new school year.  Our character theme this year is a western theme, "Roundin' Up Good Character."  This summer, well let's just say the last few weeks right before school started, I have been busy making some fun Pinterest items for my room.  At school everyone calls it the Pinterest Classroom.  lol  A big thanks to all the people I follow in Pinterest.  I just LOVE seeing everyone's ideas.
Check out the pics of my classroom below.
When we are walking around the school, we work on roundin' up a compliment for peace walking through the halls.  Once we round up 25 compliments, I treat the class to a small treat.

Obviously this one isn't finished yet.  Pinterest idea #1.  I'm taking picture of all the kids that have a birthday in January while they are holding the number that their birthday is one.  Then doing the same for each month.

Job Chart

Word Wall

A place to write reminders that pop up.

Character Board

Pinterest idea #2...New whole class area.  Thanks mom for making the seat cushions!

Reading Counts Corral and new place to hang all my fun literacy station things that I have printed from Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is so easy to flip through the activity bags and pick which one I want to use.  I hung hooks from the bars that hold up the tile ceiling.  The ribbon is tied from the hook and I used a tension rod to go through the ribbon loops.  I got curtain clips from Target to hang the Ziploc bags from.

Pinterest idea #3...Transportation ribbon chart!  Don't mind the chipped up door.  ;)

Pinterest idea #4...Where is 1W?

Welcome bulletin board

Pinterest idea #5...a place to hang students work without the hassle of taping everything to the wall and then it not even sticking for a day.

Bingo Board for good behavior...When students are caught following the rules, get things put away quickly, etc. they get to put their name on the Bingo Board.  They get to pick any square they want.  I laminated it so we can reuse it.  When the board is filled up I will draw about 4-5 Bingo numbers.  Those squares will get a piece of candy.  This great idea is brought to you by a fellow co-worker...Thanks Sara!

I hope you are off to a wonderful school year!

Sarah :)