Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple of My Eye!

WOW!  We had so much fun learning about apples!  The kids really got into learning about apples and becoming little scientists.  I had some help this year from the wonderful Wild About Teaching Blog.  Check out the free mini unit HERE.  I had a wonderful parent helper who was willing to come in and get sticky with us.  We made our Apple Rice Krispie Treats and let me tell you they were sticky and fun.  The kids loved it and got super excited and crazy when they figured out they got to mold and eat their versions of apples.  I was wondering how they tasted with the Jello mixed in, but it was delightful.  Click HERE to get the recipe.  I have pictures to add to this post but for some reason I am having a hard time getting them off my camera today.  I was using my old camera because my newer camera's memory card is full and I HATE deleting pics.  I have a serious problem.  I'm so afraid that my pictures will get destroyed even though I know they are one my camera, a memory stick, and like 5 other places.

Rice Krispie Apples

I'm working on some October fun stuff to put up soon.  This week we are learning about spiders and I'm creating a spider glyph to share with everyone.  I should have it up tomorrow.

I hope your October is off to fabulous start.  Please be sure to share this post and spread the word.  :)


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