Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Fun with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

I was super excited about sharing this activity with everyone.  Unfortunately I may be a little late this year, but you can always file it away for next year.  We just got the activity completed in class today.  Sad to report that my grandpa is in the hospital and not doing great so I have spent a lot of time there lately...which doesn't leave much time for all this fun stuff.  Below you can find the piece sizes and outlines for the project.  I also have pictures of the final product.  The kids had a BLAST with this activity.  It helps that they love these books!  Each season they can't wait for me to read them.  It was also great practice with sequencing the book.  Hope you enjoy the activity and let me know if you have any questions!  :)

Click the pictures below to save a copy for your files!  Then click HERE for the pieces to copy on construction paper.  Here head is a little cut off in the picture, only because I used construction paper to draw it to make it bigger.  It gives you an idea of how to draw her head on the construction paper so you can copy it for your kiddos!

Happy Easter and hope you enjoy your time off!



I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hope he feels better soon.
Love this super cute activity!
Conversations in Literacy

Heather Lamia

Sooo cute!! I would like to give you the Lovely Blog Award!! Hop on over to my blog to pick it up!


Very excited to find your blog! I am your newest follower.
Stop by my first grade blog sometime.

:) Tamera Wilson


I <3 your classroom and I have lots of questions... I love your creative use of shelving and tables. Thanks for sharing. I am a MESSIE but creative Kindergarten teacher, trying to reform myself. Thanks for sharing.

K-1 Teaching Besties

Thanks Lori! My grandpa gets to come home this weekend! :)

K-1 Teaching Besties

Thanks Heather! I just checked out your blog...very cute! :)

K-1 Teaching Besties

Tamera, I love your blog. I am totally going to use the common core freebie with my class. We have been working hard on the same stuff! :)

K-1 Teaching Besties

Penken...ask away! I have to admit that Katie is Miss Organization! She sometimes comes in my room and just starts moving things around or throwing things away to get me to clean up and organize more. It works though!

Kristin Young

That's such a cute idea!! :) I'm a new follower and LOVE the tattle telephone. Ha!

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten


I'm a new follower! Love your blog and ideas! I found you through Second grade sugar and spice!

Cheers To School

Tim & MaryBeth Ostrom

You've been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!

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